‘Giving Northern Ireland’ have kindly invited Assisi Animal Sanctuary to participate in their Giving Tree campaign in Belfast Christmas Market. The tree will be open from 23 November until 18 December, where visitors to the market are encouraged to think of others and write a pledge for time, talent or treasure on gift tags provided and hang them on The Giving Tree all in the aid of Charity –

Assisi will be at the Giving Tree on the Wednesday16 December from 12 Noon to 3pm. You can donate your time, sponsor an animal or donate to our Chance of a Lifetime programme.

Never heard of Chance of a Lifetime?? Well …..
In 2003 around 10,000 dogs were being put to sleep in council dog pounds. As the animal sanctuaries in Northern Ireland did not have space to accommodate the dogs, Assisi set up Chance of a Lifetime (COAL) in 2003 to transfer dogs across to Dogs Trust in England and Scotland. Although micro-chipping and neutering is helping to reduce the number of unwanted dogs, today there are around 690 dogs still being destroyed in our council pounds each year. In 2014 COAL transferred 1,973 dogs to England and Scotland for rehoming, so if COAL didn’t exist then the figure for destruction would have been 2,663 instead of 690. Each transfer takes 20 dogs and pups at a cost to Assisi of £400 per trip for ferry and fuel costs. These transfers happen twice weekly and are completed and manned by volunteers. A £20 donation could give one dog the chance of a lifetime.

Since 2003 COAL has saved the lives of over 15,000 dogs and we will continue to work to the day that no healthy rehomable dog is ever put to sleep.

To see the dogs given a second chance and transferred across to England this weekend, click the following link…/ – Be warned a couple of them are just too cute for words !!!!

Please dig deep this Christmas – our animals need you !!!

The easiest way to donate is at

If you would like to sponsor an animal visit our sponsorship site and see them for yourself –

No spare cash … why not give us some of your time? – sign up to volunteer at the Sanctuary … walk a dog, cuddle a kitten, drive for the COAL programme, work in one of our Charity Shops.

Thanks everyone

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