Help Assisi Reduce the Number of Unwanted Cats and Dogs in Northern Ireland

14,000 animals neutered / spayed in 6 years! In 2004 we started a Neutering Campaign to encourage and assist dog and cat owners in Northern Ireland, have their pets neutered and spayed and thanks to it’s success, 10,000 cats and 4,000 dogs were neutered/spayed.     

Neutering is a humane way to reduce the stray cat and dog population, preventing thousands of unwanted puppies and kittens being born each year that may be cruelly abandoned or needlessly destroyed.  We are very grateful to the continued support of Cats Protection and Dogs Trust who help continue this vital programme

If you want to get your pet neutered or spayed, simply call your local vet. 

If you are on means-tested benefits and need your cat, dog or rabbit neutered, help may be available to you. Please contact The Sanctuary 028 9181 2622 for further advice.