feeding your puppy

Feeding a puppy the correct diet is essential to ensure its optimum physical development.  At Assisi we feed our puppies on a very good quality, nutritional food that can be purchased at many pet stores.  Our puppies get three meals per day.

Knowing how much to feed your puppy


Choose a puppy food that is made for the size of puppy you have. Small, medium, large or maxi. If you are unsure of what breed your puppy is then go with the dominant breed that appears to be present. Each brand of puppy food will have different feeding guidelines, it is important to follow them closely, but remember that some puppies require more than others so monitor his condition too. If he is a bit on the thin side, feed a little more, and if he is a bit too chunky, feed a little less. Continuously over feeding or underfeeding will alter the rate of development which could result in problems later in life.


Small, medium, large and maxi breed puppies will all grow and mature at different rates. Smaller dogs grow faster and mature earlier than larger dogs. Puppy foods are tailored to suit this, they provide the right level of nutrients at the right stage so that the puppy will grow at the correct rate. Larger breeds may also require puppy food for much longer than the small breeds.


Don’t be tempted by cheaper foods, it is better and more cost effective to by a more expensive food. You will have to feed less as the food is better quality and more easily digested. Sometimes it can take a while to find a brand that your puppy likes, but once you do stick with it. Changing between brands will only cause an upset stomach.


Don’t forget to register your puppy with a vet and take him down for regular check-ups to make sure he is developing at a normal rate.

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