puppy house training

The way house training is taught is extremely important, as it can make all the difference between having a confident puppy, or one which resorts to aggression at a later date.  Training your puppy will involve praising the good behaviour rather than punishing the not so good behaviour.  Pups who are exposed to excessive punishment will never reach their full potential and it is known that they may develop aggressive tendencies as an adult dog.

They may also feel the need to hide from you when toileting if physical punishment is used when training.  House training is a vital part of raising a puppy and has to be done consistently to be effective.

During the day make sure that you watch your puppy carefully and take them out at frequent intervals so there is never an accident in the house.   If there is, give yourself a slap on the wrist for not being vigilant enough.  Never shout at your puppy or worse still, smack them in any way!

You must praise your puppy as he toilets outside so that he learns quickly what is expected. It is vital that you go out to the garden with your puppy while he toilets, if you stay in the house or simply shut him in the garden he won’t understand what he is meant to do. Spend time with him in the garden and as soon as he goes to the toilet shower him with praise. Play a game with him after he has gone to the toilet so that he knows there is an incentive to get it right the next time.

There are certain times when it is most likely that your puppy will want to go to the toilet and and you can maximize the chances of successful house training by ensuring that your puppy is outside at the following times:

• After every meal
After drinking
When he wakes up from a sleep
After play.

Don’t expect your pup to be completely house trained until he is at least 5 months. While they are young they cannot hold it for very long.


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