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Collie Puppies - June 2012

Bringing a puppy into your home should never be an act of impulse!  You must be sure that you can give enough of your time to provide a puppy with:-

  • Love, Care, Attention
  • Training
  • Stimulation
  • Regular exercise.

You also need to consider the costs of keeping a Puppy well fed and fully protected from disease.
Once you have satisfied yourself that you are prepared to meet the challenges that a puppy will bring into your life, the next question is which dog?

Selecting  the breed that best suits your situation is important. Here are a few factors you should consider:-


  • How big will the dog grow?  And how much will he eat?


  • Some breeds are naturally more inclined to bark than others.  Some breeds are more sensitive to noise.  If a high intelligent dog (e.g. collie) does not get the mental stimulation as well as the physical stimulation this will lead to problems!

Activity Level

  • How much exercise does the dog require?  Working breeds, bred to herd sheep, need serious workouts.


  • Terriers are naturally bossy and tenacious.  Spaniels, Labs and Retrievers  normally have friendly, affectionate natures.


  • How much time (or money) will you need to devote to grooming?


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