Brownie, Crumbs, Cinnamon and Beans

Meet Brownie, Crumbs, Cinnamon and Beans!! Beans (left) is a female and the lightest of the four, to her right is Brownie, a female and the darkest of the four. To the right of Brownie is Cinnamon, he is a male and mostly orange in color, and lastly we have Crumbs, also a male, with an orange face and a light back. These four wee buns came to the sanctuary in July 2017 and have had to go through a bit of veterinary treatment before being able to go up for adoption. When they came to us, their hair was so matted that it looked like a solid carpet. Various attempts to loosen the hair failed, as the hair was so tight nit onto their skin, there was nothing else for it other than to be surgically shaved. They are all approximately 1 year old now and have been neutered and spayed, with all their vaccinations up to date! These four will need to live inside, no hutches as they are big buns, a large shed would be more suitable. They would also like access to a safe area of a garden, they absolutely love to eat grass, and will have a lawn ‘mowed’ in no time!! 

The four of them are very confident, once in a good routine and they get to know you, they will run around your feet every time you appear!! They are quite messy, so be prepared to spend the time cleaning thoroughly every day!! They are so curious that every area they are in, must be super secure!! We would prefer for them to be re-homed altogether, as they get on so well with one another. If you feel you could have the right home for these guys, please call up to the sanctuary and speak to the Rabbit Staff. 

Re-homing Hours:
Tues-Sun 11am-3pm

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