Poppy is now reserved

Poppy is a large female French Lop bun at around 2 and a half years old! Poppy came to us having breathing issues and a small ear mite issue. Having been seen by the vets as soon as she was admitted, Poppy received medication, that within two weeks, helped her significantly. Unfortunately as we had to medicate Poppy literally as soon as she arrived, she was not happy with us humans at all. having stopped her medication now, Poppy is feeling better in herself, and is slowly coming round to us, (seeing as we’re not trying to medicate her anymore!!) We believe Poppy would come round and out of her shell in time, with the help of a companion bun too! Poppy would do well with older children, as she can be quite the grump if irritated. Poppy will need quite a bit of space to do her hopping about, as she covers a lot of ground being the size she is!! Preferably living in a shed, or inside the house, Poppy would not do well in a hutch because of her size. If you feel you could offer Poppy a great home with a bun friend, please call up to the sanctuary, speak to our Rabbit staff, and fill out an application form! 

Re-homing Hours:
Tues-Sun 11am – 3pm

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