Meet little Rasmus! 

A small bun full of a BIG personality! Rasmus is a 2 year old neutered male that came to us in poor condition, as he had scalded legs due to sitting in his own urine and feaces. Rasmus is a Netherland Dwarf, so small in size, but makes up for it with his big energetic personality! He loves to run about your feet, and does enjoy a little head rub! Rasmus really does love his food, which he needs a good amount of to put the weight he needs on. He enjoys cabbage, but spinach and kale are much preferred! Rasmus is looking for a bun companion to live with in a reasonably large area where he has the space to run around and explore! Rasmus was re-homed a short while ago from us but unfortunately was returned due to the current bun not getting along with him. A quiet bun with little to no dominant attitude would be best for Rasmus.

If you feel you could offer Rasmus a good home, please call in to the sanctuary, speak to the staff, and fill out an application form!

Re-homing Hours:
11am – 3pm Tuesday – Sunday

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