What do you call a large number of baby bunnies? – an ‘Oh my goodness!’


Last month we were contacted by a lady who had 17 baby bunnies in need of a home. Yes 17!!! Sadly this was a result of a pet shop mix up when sexing the rabbits she purchased.

So the 17 arrived and were separated into groups of girls and boys and went home on foster with Cerys! Sadly one of the smallest bunnies fell ill and died a few days later, the remaining sixteen are thriving and growing by the day!

The first litter of 8 were 12 weeks old when they arrived and as they are part giant they were already very big! The other group of 9 were 8 weeks when they arrived and thankfully are going to only be medium sized rabbits once fully grown!

The four boys from the older litter have since been paired up moved onto other foster homes as they were beginning to fight with each other. They are approaching 16 weeks and will be neutered soon. The girls and the remaining 8 younger rabbits are still with Cerys.

All 16 bunnies are incredibly friendly and easy to handle! They always run over to say ‘Hi’ and climb up your leg for a cuddle! Running around on the grass is something they all love and already they have the taste for grass and clear a patch of garden in no time!

All of these rabbits are now available for adoption, but will have to remain in their foster homes until all vaccinations and spaying/ neutering has been done. As they are not currently living on site here at Assisi viewing of them has to be arranged through Cerys. Please contact Cerys via email on cerys@assisi-ni.org accommodation checks will have to be carried out prior to viewing the bunnies.

Unfortunately at the moment there is a large number of baby rabbits in desperate need of homes. Again this highlights the need for awareness of what sex your rabbits are and how important it is to have your male rabbit neutered at 16 weeks and the females done at 5 months.

All of these young rabbits are available for booking. They are available in the following pairs:

Petal & Arizona, Clover & Maple, or all 4 girls together.

Dollar & Dandelion, Nutkin & Hayden, or all 4 boys together.

Ivy& Snowdrop.


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