Are you interested in learning about rabbits?

We are now offering ‘Rabbit Care Workshops’ on site here at Assisi. These are open to novice and experienced rabbit owners alike. We also welcome those who are still in the ‘considering getting a pet rabbit’ stage too!

Taking part in these workshops is an ideal way to get an idea of what is actually involved in keeping pet rabbits. We will show you how to handle a rabbit correctly, groom, clip nails and teach you how to understand what your rabbit is saying to you. After all, they are silent! We will also discuss what sort of housing suits you and your rabbits best as well as teaching you the importance of correct feeding and understanding why they eat what they do. Rabbits require the same level of health care as dogs and cats and we will guide you through what your rabbit needs on a yearly basis and also common illnesses that you need to look out for.

Families with young children are very welcome, and we can also provide one-to-one workshops for those who just fancy having a ‘bunny day out’!

The Workshops will last for around 1-2 hours, but you are welcome to stay longer and spend some time with our rescued rabbits.

For more information you can contact Cerys on 028 9181 2622 or email

Here is a short testimonial from Shelley Martin who recently spent the day at Assisi taking part in one of our workshops. Shelley is an experienced owner and has had pet rabbits for a number of years now.

“I found out about the Rabbit Workshops on the Assisi website and thought ‘what a great idea’! You see, I have three rabbits which I adopted from them a number of years ago. I like to think that ‘The Girls’ get the best attention I can offer but like anything, there is always more to learn and improve on.

I arrived at Assisi and went straight to the Rabbit Warren to find Cerys. We had a chat and then got ‘stuck in’. We started by cleaning out, lets just say Cerys was a lot quicker than me! While doing this we talked about the rabbits, why they were brought in, their personalities or perhaps any illnesses they have. Some illnesses mean that they are permanent residents which is better for them as they get all the medication they require.

We had just finished the cleaning when there was an arrival! The first being seven guinea pigs and the second being four baby bunnies – this place doesn’t stop! I helped Cerys complete health checks from ears to teeth to private parts etc! We then had the task of naming them all – we eventually got there.

When it came to feeding time, it was so funny. They all knew what time it was and they were all waiting patiently, I could hardly get through the gates for fear of standing on them – so comical!

It was great to see visitors looking at the rabbits and asking Cerys questions and a lovely lady also made a sponsorship!

There is a lot of work involved in looking after rabbits, that I already know, but they are so rewarding, they are very intelligent and so much fun. Assisi has quite a few rabbits looking for their forever home. If you are thinking of getting a rabbit go and spend a few hours with Cerys, she does a great job and is so knowledgeable, ask plenty of questions and take part in the cleaning etc as you need to be sure what you are getting into and remember, rabbits are not just for children, they are also for grown ups!

All in all, I had a fantastic day, I really did and it is something that I will take part in again soon.

To Cerys – My sincere thanks for your help and advice in the past. To All at Assisi – Keep up the great work!

Love from Shelley and The Girls!”


Ciaran Stevenson and Laura Cochrane attended a workshop in December as they are considering getting a couple of pet rabbits.

“Thanks again for the rabbit workshop. It was really fantastic and very informative! We both really enjoyed ourselves. Your workshop made us think more in depth about rabbit care and take into consideration things we hadn’t even thought of! For example rabbit sickness and how to treat them. We would highly recommend everyone who is thinking about getting a rabbit to go to your workshop before hand to ensure a rabbit is the right pet for them, and that they can properly look after it.
One point I would make, although it didn’t affect us at all but might affect other people, is that when they pick a rabbit up they will get covered in hair! And that a part of the workshop is cleaning out a rabbit hutch, so should wear old clothes. Just so people know what to expect and can dress appropriately.
Once again, many thanks for your workshop. You’re a credit to ASSISI-NI and I can’t wait until the time is right for us to adopt a bunny :)”

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