Assisi Rabbit and Guinea Pig Unit – New Build!

Although many of our rescue buns and pigs will be rehomed from the Sanctuary, some may stay with us for life. Many elderly or unwell rabbits are given to rescues as looking after them becomes difficult and expensive. We want to ensure that we are providing excellent housing for our long-term residents as well as the temporary ones!

We hope to kit out the interior of the newly built re-homing unit with flooring, insulation, ventilation, toys and other necessary items to provide a comfortable, safe and warm environment for all of our rescue buns and pigs to enjoy.

We will be documenting the process from start to finish, keeping you all as involved and up to date with what is going on!

All donations made towards this project would be gratefully received, as we receive no government or council funding and rely solely on the donations of our kind supporters.

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