Have you ever considered a rabbit..?

Have you ever considered having a couple of rabbits as pets..?

Many people have rabbits as a small child and often the only memory that sticks with them is being bitten!

Have a think for a moment and remember the rest… Watching the rabbits run up and down the garden sprinting and leaping all over the place… Watching two rabbits cuddle up together in the hay, taking turns to wash the other one’s face… Having them bury their little heads in under your chin for a cuddle… This is what rabbits are all about!

A pair of rabbits can make just as good pets as a cat or dog, they are just as rewarding, affectionate and loving and the best bit- you don’t have to take them for a walk on a cold winter night! They can even live in the house as house rabbits, then you don’t have to brave the cold and rain to clean them out and feed them.

Once your rabbits settle in and get to know you they will learn to come when called, will sit up on the sofa beside you and ‘help’ you unpack your shopping! You can watch them chase around the garden ‘binkying’ because they are so happy!

If you have plenty of space or have a patch of land or garden that isn’t doing anything then why not consider adopting a pair of rabbits? You won’t regret that you did!

If you would like more information about adopting a pair of Assisi rabbits email cerys@assisi-ni.org.

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