Alfie is now rehomed


Alfie is a sweet little chocolate coloured lop who is almost 1 year old!

Alfie is lively and curious. He loves to be right up at the door to his run watching everything that’s going on and trying to get involved!

He loves his grub! His favourite treats are fresh cabbage and lazing around in the sun in his personal bunny garden! Why not pop in and see him some day?

Alfie is also a snuggle-bun, and likes to be lifted for cuddles. If you stop, he will dig-dig-dig at you to make you start again!

Alfie could live indoors or outdoors as long as there is plenty of space for running around and playing! If you feel you could offer Alfie a home with a bun partner, please call up to the sanctuary, speak to the Rabbit staff, and fill out an application form!!

Opening Hours for re-homing:
11am – 3pm

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