Batman and Boris

***Batman and Boris have now been reserved***


Meet Batman and Boris! 

These two lovely piggies are two brilliant neutered males at approximately 2+years old. Batman is a black and grey coloured Guinea with a few white specks, where-as Boris is a brown and tan coloured piggy. Both Boris and Batman have problems with their teeth, this means they need to be monitored in regards to how much they are eating, and also weighed regularly to make sure they are gaining. Batman does need to gain some more weight, and hopefully it should not be too long before he is a nice squishy piggy! As a result of their dental issues, a reasonably experienced home would be preferred, or a home in which the new owners are happy to abide by Batman and Boris’ needs. These are two very vocal boys, especially when it comes to food! They love investigating new toys, and enjoy their tasty greens.
If you feel you could offer Boris and Batman a forever home, please call up to the sanctuary, speak to the staff and fill out an application form. 

Re-homing Hours:
Tues – Sun 11am – 3pm

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