Bones and Yikes

Bones and Yikes are now rehomed!

Meet Bones and Yikes! Two newly admitted Chinchillas to the sanctuary. They are both male Chinchillas, and very much bonded with each other, so must not be separated. Bones is the white Chin, whilst Yikes is the Grey Chin. We do not have an exact age on these Chins, however they are definitely an older pair. These guys would love to have lots of space to run around their secure accommodation, whilst having lots of toys and things to climb on, which will help with their curious and mischievous natures! They love having their sand baths, so be prepared for a slight mess!! 
Our Chinchillas will need an owner familiar with the breed. They will also require a quiet household as they are both a bit nervous and take a while to settle. Yikes is just a little more confident than Bones, but not by much. With some love, attention and patience these two could turn into confident chins! 

Re-homing Hours:
Tues – Sun 11am – 3pm

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