Coco and Holly

Meet Coco and Holly.   Coco is a 4 1/2 year old Lab Cross, who we rehomed in December 2007, after wonderful caring work by Tara at the sanctuary.    Coco is such a wonderful and friendly and nosey girl that loves walks along the beach or a park.  She loves her cuddles and simply brightens anywhere up. We couldn’t have adopted a better dog. Although it would nice to get some of our bed at night!!    Absolutely fantastic and we are absolutely indebted to the wonderful work by Assisi Animal Sanctuary for giving this girl a chance of life.

Holly on the right was adopted by my mother-in-law approximately 11years ago. She is called Holly and was in a bad way when rehomed. She was very thin, you could nearly see through her skin, she had little hair and her teeth were also in a bad way. The poor girl obviously was so neglected and things didn’t look good before my mother-in-law came along. She is now approximately 12 years old, still has a great spring and bounce and looks great. My mother-in-law gave so much care, love
and attention to her that Holly has had a great life after her ill fated start. Her favourite things are a yellow tennis ball (it has to be yellow!!) and a belly rub!

Again it’s thanks to Assisi for taking this dog in that gave her a chance in life.   Thank you for letting us help you out in such a small way by looking after two absolute treasures in Coco and Holly.


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