Cracker’s Chronicles

You may remember that we featured a few months ago the story of Cracker and how his training was going.  Cracker is a tri-colour collie who lived at Assisi earlier this year and was adopted by Allen and Lydia in January.   Allen and Lydia are keeping a diary of Cracker’s antics and training and they have sent up some entries from Cracker’s diary …

Thur 16 Feb   Sandy was caught red handed in my crate eating my chew shoe. I’ve lost a baby tooth and have a big space where it had been.

Fri 17 Feb  Granny and Cindy came to visit, Granny kept her coat on as padding against my little teeth. I washed Cindy’s ears and we gave each other lots of kisses.

Sat 18 Feb  Went up the woods with Sandy, it was fantastic, I was on my extendable lead and got tangled round trees, came home all muddy.

Sun 19 Feb  Up woods with Dasher and then started to learn twirls and unders, I would eat my own tail for cheese, such a busy weekend, I’m exhausted.

Mon 20 Feb  I can reach the kitchen worktop so I stole a bag with a doughnut, so much sugar, just what I need for more energy.

Tues 21 Feb  Daddy’s wrong about crisp bags, I found a full one on my walk, I had a feast and I’m searching even harder now to find more.

Wed 22 Feb  My mouth is so sore, I’ve 4 big teeth, 3 spaces and a wobbly one, I wish this teething thing was over, it’s driving me nuts.

Thur 23 Feb  Mum kisses my face a lot cos then I’ll get used to it and not be frightened and bite if a stranger puts their face close to me, it’s really nice.

Fri 24 Feb  I managed to get the watering can through the flap, it was a huge struggle and took me ages manoeuvring it, Daddy put it out again (spoil sport).

Sat 25 Feb  Helped Daddy brush up the patio, he threw all my best sticks in the bin, I couldn’t believe it. I tried to reach to get them back but I’m not big enough yet.

Sun 26 Feb  Mom doesn’t carry me into bed anymore because I’ve got so big and heavy, I’ve got a new trick, jump on Daddy in bed and give him a big surprise, it’s really fun.

Mon 27 Feb  Me and Sandy had the biggest chase game ever today, we were so puffed afterwards I thought my tongue had doubled in size.

Tues 28 Feb  I’ve got 8 big teeth now and 2 spaces, I’ve started scraping my teeth on the dog bowls,  Mom hates the sound it makes.

Wed 29 Feb  I thought I was good at my twirls and unders but Dasher is superb at her routine. Don’t know if I’ll ever be that good.

Thur 1 Mar  I’m really clever, when the water bowl gets nearly empty, I drag it across the kitchen so Daddy knows it needs filled, what’s left spills on the floor but that’s not my fault.

Fri 2 Mar  Granny put her coat on back to front as protection from me but it was only a joke, she laughed and took it off. I had a nap beside my cousin Cindy when they visited.

Sat 3 Mar  Saturday again, I love going to the woods, there’s so much to explore and then home to open the big bag of dog food, I wasn’t supposed to help but I couldn’t resist.

Sun 4 Mar  Met new friends in the woods today, I have as many as Sandy now and about 8 are pups my age, my life is just one big happy adventure after another.

Mon 5 Mar  Mom says I’ve to try and not make so many rude noises by eating a bit slower but I’ve so much to do I don’t have time to eat daintily like Shara.

Tues 6 Mar  I’ve got 12 big teeth now, I can crunch my carrot and turnip so much easier now but Sandy still hovers trying to steal some so I give her a little growl.

Wed 7 Mar  I’m learning to give my “paw” so I can do “touch” later and “wave bye-bye”. I love learning new tricks cos cheese is so yummy and I’m so smart anyway.

Thur 8 Mar  I had another go at gardening today but apparently the compost didn’t need emptied in the wheelbarrow and I’ve ruined the geraniums, oh dear.

Fri 9 Mar  I was sick today, I’d swallowed fluff from my snoopy dog and it got stuck so I threw up and then carried on as usual, no time to waste when you’re a pup.

Sat 10 Mar  I barked and barked when Daddy cut the grass, the mower was so noisy, I was trying to scare it away, it was stealing all our nice long grass.

Sun 11 Mar  I love weekends, Daddy’s at home and I go up the woods. I love jumping through clumps of grass, some nearly as big as me, and playing chase with Sandy.

Mon 12 Mar  I pulled the blanket in Sandy’s basket and nearly pulled her out, I’m so strong, she did a big snap and nearly bit me so I barked back and then ran away.

Tues 13 Mar  I’ve only 2 baby teeth left, 3 fell out today and 2 yesterday and my big teeth are getting huge. I’m so glad teething is nearly over, it is so painful.

Wed 14 Mar  I’ve learnt to kiss Mummy back when she kisses my head, I give her chin a little lick, I got it wrong once and scraped her nose but she knew it was an accident.

Thur 15 Mar  Mom says my head hasn’t grown as much as my legs and body, she can’t understand as I’m so clever learning everything, she says I’ve a great wee brain.

Fri 16 Mar  Shara leaves floaty bits of food in the water bowl so I try to scoop them out with my paw as I’m so fussy, Daddy gets me clean water quickly before I flood the kitchen floor.

Sat 17 Mar  I don’t know why I’m not allowed to play football with the boys in the field, I really, really, want to and Daddy won’t let me in case I burst the ball.

Sun 18 Mar  I’ve started practising herding, I saw a white dog which had been clipped and it just set me off, creeping and stop/starting. Mommy says it’s in my genes, my grandparents were probably working dogs, she said I could enter “one man and
his dog” on T.V.

Mon 19 Mar  Played with my frizbee for ages today and got really puffed, I love shoving it along the ground with my paw and then throwing it in the air, it’s such fun.

Tues 20 Mar  Daddy bought me a new football, it’s bigger than my other one so I barked at it cos I can’t lift it and run away to get Daddy to chase me and have to tackle him to get it.

Wed 21 Mar  Lost my last baby tooth today “I’m officially a big boy now”, I’m so glad teething is over cos it was really painful a lot of the time.

Thur 22 Mar  I’m getting better at “come” now I’ve realised I only have to come back for a little while to get a treat and then run free again and I like when Mummy calls my name all excitedly.

Fri 23 Mar  Me and Sandy have a new game where we chase round the garden and play tug, she’s not as good as me at changing course fast and being the chaser.

Sat 24 Mar  It was so hot up the  woods today, I had to lie down in the long grass for a rest, Mom and Sandy had played hide and seek and me and Daddy had to find them.

Sun 25 Mar  I helped
Mummy watered the plants, I got a lovely shower from the watering can, more water was on me than on the plants so I shook it all over her and she squealed.

Mon 26 Mar  I helped hosing the patio and every time I lifted the hose the water went everywhere, I ended up soaked and had to sunbathe to get dry.

Tues 27 Mar  This warm weather is tough, out in the garden all day makes me more tired, I lay on the bench beside Mom sunbathing but it was too warm so I found a cool spot under the bushes.

Wed 28 Mar  I’m learning to “walk nice”, it’s very hard as I can’t reach treasures like crisp packets anymore, but apparently I’m too strong now to pull Mom or Dad along.

Thur 29 Mar  I’ve found out if I bite dog bowls, it’s a reminder it’s lunch time or dinner time  or the water bowl is empty, I’m so clever I’m training Mom and Dad now.

Fri 30 Mar  Snoopy was abducted by the washing machine, I was distraught, I watched him spinning for half an hour, then he was hung  high on the clothes line so I couldn’t reach him.

Sat 31 Mar  I played with Snoopy for ages as I missed him so much, he smells funny now, I’ll have to keep a close eye on him to keep him safe.

Sun 1 Apr  I wash everybody’s ears, my sisters, cousins, Mom and Dad, but nobody washes mine, just a little whisper from sisters and tickle from Mom and Dad is all I get.

Mon 2 Apr  Met a cute 14 week boxer today with a pink diamante collar, I was the first dog she’s met so I was very friendly welcoming her to the neighbourhood.

Tues 3 Apr  I’ve learnt to give Mummy , a big lick on her chin when she kisses me and I’ve started learning to give a hug, I wonder when there won’t  be anything more to learn and I’ll know it all.

Wed 4 Apr  Sandy got me in trouble, we dug a big hole behind the garage, it was her idea, we got scolded and a big paying stone was put on top of it to stop us digging anymore.

Thur 5 Apr  I’m bigger than Sandy and nearly the same as Shara, I hope I grow as big as Dasher, I think I’m a big boy now, I’ve started barking at the postman and binmen.

Fri 6 Apr  I’m getting the hang of “walking nice”, I get tasty treats when my lead goes loose which makes up for not reaching treasures and I get treats for greeting people and not jumping up.

Sat 7 Apr  I got stuck under the sofa, I was getting my ball and couldn’t get my shoulders back out, I was crying and Mom had to lift it up to rescue me, it was so scary.

Sun 8 Apr  3 months today with my family, I can’t imagine not having them now or how strange it was then, I have learnt so much, love playing with my sisters and getting lots of kisses and cuddles from Mummy, to think I used to nip her chin when I was little, silly me.




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