Diablo, Boomerang & Joker

Diablo, Boomerang and Joker have all been rehomed

Diablo, Boomerang and Joker are a quirky trio of father (Diablo) and two sons!

Diablo is just over a year old and his two sons are 8 months old. All three have been neutered and are settling down quickly.

All three boys are very friendly and are getting used to being handled. Diablo and Joker are very outgoing and are usually the first two over to see if there are any treats or food on offer! Boomerang is much more shy and will take a little longer to settle in.

These three are available as a trio or we would consider allowing one to be taken from the group to be mixed with a spayed female friend.

We are looking for an outdoor home for these boys as they love being outside exploring. They will need a large area with a shed or playhouse to live in as well as a large outdoor run or a fully enclosed garden for running around in!

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