Domino & Noel

DOMINO & NOEL HAVE BEEN REHOMED!!!! Domino and Noel are two very special little Guinea Pigs. They were found in a shoe box in Crawfordsburn Country Park on Christmas Eve!

We think they are approximately 1-2 years old. They are both incredibly friendly, with Domino being the most confident of the two!

Domino has a condition called Cushings, this is very rare in guinea pigs and is most commonly found in dogs and horses. He has a brain tumour that affects the function of his adrenal glands. This causes an over production of steroids in the body leaving him feeling hungry and thirsty most of the time. Despite his condition he remains a happy and active guinea pig! It does however mean that his life expectancy is shortened.

Domino and Noel are very close and do everything together! They must be rehomed as a pair. They will need an experienced home with someone who understands Domino’s condition and will be able to notice if he is going downhill at any stage.


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