Faye on her feet again

Faye is now rehomed.

When Faye arrived at Assisi she had a serious problem with her front leg and some of you may remember us appealing for support to cover the cost of operating on her  leg.    She had a condition called Carpal Hyperextension which is damage to ligament support of the carpus (equivalent of our wrist) resulting in the leg dropping and and painful arthritis develops in the various carpal joints due to the abnormal stresses in the joint. The condition gradually gets worse until the dog won’t be able to walk normally and they will be in constant pain.

The only way to treat the condition is by fusing the carpal joints, stopping any movement, and therefore reducing or eliminating the pain.  Faye has now had her operation which involved removing the cartilage layers from each of the carpal joints, inserting a bone graft and attaching a special plate down the front of the leg to hold the limb straight while eventually the bones fuse.Faye is currently staying with a foster carer while her leg heals and will then be looking for a new home.  She is a lovely dog and you can see her below before the operation and siting in the vets for a check-up.  Faye gets on well with other dogs and is living with a cat.  She sat patiently in the vets whilst all the other patients came in and out and she didn’t react to any of them.   Her foster carer describes her as a beautifully natured dog who will make a lovely pet.

Faye-leg-annotated-300x200Faye and let plateFaye at vets  -  IMG_0084

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