Fitz, Hugo, Sorcha, Regan & Marcie

Hugo, Regan and Marcie have all been rehomed.

They are a stunning little family of brothers and sisters who are nearly ready to hop off to new homes!

They are around 4 1/2 months old currently.

Fitz and Hugo are the two boys, they are very outgoing and love to explore. Hugo is very independent and is always the first out to play in the morning. Fitz is quite cuddly and does enjoy his snuggle time- as long as his brother and sisters aren’t watching! Fitz and Hugo have been neutered.

Sorcha, Regan, and Marcie are the girls, and very pretty ones at that! Sorcha is the bold, independent one who prefers not to be cuddled too much. She will come over to say hello whenever it suits her! Regan is the smallest and definitely the sweetest, she just loves to be cuddled. Marcie is the most laid back and usually one of the first to hop over to see if you have a treat.

The girls will be spayed in a few weeks time.

They will be medium sized rabbits once fully grown. They will need a large outdoor or indoor area to live in as they are incredibly active and love to explore.

As Marcie is already reserved they are no available in two mixed sex pairs. They cannot leave the Sanctuary until the girls have been spayed, but we are taking bookings on them. If you are interested please call up to the Sanctuary, we do not take bookings via email or over the phone.

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