Fuzz and Jazz

 Fuzz and Jazz are now rehomed

Meet Fuzz and Jazz! Two recently admitted Guinea Pigs looking for their forever home! They are both 1 year old females who are the best of friends. They really do enjoy each others company! Fuzz, the cream/white piggy, is a little more confident than Jazz, the black and tan piggy, would be. Still a little skittish, but pretty good at being handled. They know the rustling of veggie packets very well, and will sing you a song of ‘Weepweepweeps’, until they get their goodies!! Fuzz and Jazz would love a nice spacious home where they will be fed lots of veggies, and loved every day! The girls enjoy getting out into the outside runs in the good weather to munch up all the growing grass! If you feel you could offer these girlies a loving spacious home, please call up to the sanctuary and fill out an application form!

Re-homing hours:
Tues-Sun 11am – 3pm

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