George has been re-homed!

George is a handsome little Black Lop Ear bun at approximately 10 months old!! George was originally at the sanctuary in 2016 with his 5 other siblings. Re-homed in pairs, George went to live with one of his brothers, which unfortunately ended up not working out, through no fault of their own. Re-admitted to the sanctuary the time here with everything going on around them, George and his brother fell out, getting into a scrap, resulting in them having to be separated unfortunately. George can be a bit skittish, and he has not yet come round fully to human interaction, however I do feel this could be achieved over time, in a much quieter environment. To help him gain confidence, George is looking for a Girl Bun to eat with, groom with, flop with and general spend his days with! If you feel you could offer George a home like this, please come on up to the sanctuary, speak to the Rabbit staff and fill out an application form!

Re-homing Hours:
Tues-Sun 11am – 3pm

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