George and Sheldon

George and Sheldon are now rehomed

Curious George and Sassy Sheldon! Two big beautiful 2 year old male Guinea Piggies looking for their forever home! Only recently admitted George and Sheldon will be having a vet visit, and they will be neutered. Both these piggies have great personalities and enjoy sitting on your lap being petted! As these two boys both have super long coats, they will need a piggy parent who will brush them regularly to keep them from getting tatty! They will also require baths to stop them from getting grubby! Both boys love their grub! Especially treats such as peppers, celery and apples! George and Sheldon are big boys, and as a result will need adequately sized accommodation to live in! If you feel you could offer these two boys a loving home with lots of love and attention, then please call up to the sanctuary and speak with the staff who look after the small furry residents!

Re-homing Hours:
Tues-Sun 11am-3pm

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