Hi, my name is Alfie

Hi, my name is Alfie (formerly Star) and I will be two in May.  I arrived at Assisi in July 2009 along with my sister Sophie and brother Skipper – I was the best looking!

We were only there a few days when Shelley brought a couple into the kitten enclosure.  The lady looked very sad so I put my paw out of the cage to touch her and her face lit up in a big smile, I do have a way about me!  Shelley said “no need to pick a kitten he has picked you” (I was very clever).   I went home to live in Belfast with my new mum and dad, who are called Iris & John Shannon and I just love it here.  I only eat chicken, cat munchies and drink cat milk I have got really big on this diet.

They have had other cats before me but I think I am their favourite!  There is a picture on the windowsill of a ginger cat called Molly, she was knocked down and killed in July 2009 and that was why my mummy was so sad.  I don’t go on the road I just play in the gardens with my best friends Ginger, Willow and Tabby.  I sleep with my mummy and I leave lovely big dirty paw marks on her bed but she doesn’t get cross with me.  She says I make her happy.

Thank you Assisi for finding my new parents and aren’t they just so lucky to have me!!  Love to all my friends at Assisi.


Ps:  I have sent you a picture so you can see how handsome I am with beautiful amber eyes.


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