Jax is now rehomed

Meet Jax!! A big 2 year old handsome chap looking for a friend to live with as he is quite lonely! He is neutered and has had his months waiting period, so is now ready to be mixed. He adores his food, and lets you know that you aren’t cutting his cabbage quick enough!! As seen in the picture, this is what Jax loves to do! He doesn’t want a hidey house, or a wooden bridge to sit under.. He loves to borrow under his blankets!! It took us a while to accommodate for the way he likes to live, as this is pretty unusual! He has his base blanket on the tray, a wooden bridge placed in the center of his living area, with a big blanket on top of that, so he can go in the entrance and on to snuggle into his blankets!! He is very good with being stroked and lifted, however if you hold him for longer than he would like he may have a nibble!! Jax also likes to explore so a spacious home is preferred.
If you feel you could offer Jax this type of home please call up to the sanctuary and fill out an application form!!

Opening Hours for Re-homing:
Tues-Sun 11am-3pm

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