Kayla relaxing in her new home

Kayla lived in Harmony House at Assisi for six years and was recently rehomed.  What a difference a loving home and lots of new friends has made to her life.   Below is an update on Kayla.   Please think about giving one of our cats a home.


Kayla has been settling in well considering what a change it must be for her.  She has made friends with our 3 dogs and is even using them at times as pillows.  Our other cat Fraggle is still coming around to the idea of another cat again but Kayla is doing her best to be friendly.

She already has a number of favourite places to sit or sleep – back of the settee looking out our living room window, under the radiator soaking in the heat or snuggling into the large soft cat paw cushion on my sister’s bed.  She is definitely starting to make herself comfortable and we are hearing her purr more and more.  Kayla loves company and really likes to be in the same room as us and the other pets. She loves being combed and will allow us to pet her a bit more every day.

Kayla is a lovely wee cat with a lovely gentle nature and my sister has been taking many pictures of her.  I have attached a few pictures for you.     Thank you for Kayla – our newest family member.

Kayla 1a Kayla 2a Kayla 3 Kayla 6 Kayla 8

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