Leo has now gone home!

Leo is a 5 month old Guinea Pig looking for another piggy companion! He has recently been neutered and as a result will have to wait 4-5 weeks before he can be paired with a new friend. He is a happy boisterous little piggy whom regularly ‘popcorns’ about his home area! He can also be a little naughty in regards to nibbling fingers!!
Leo loves his grub and as soon as a bag of veggies is opened you can be sure he will sing you the song of his people by ‘weepweepweeping’!!! He also likes to make a little nest in his house with the blankets underneath!
If you feel you could over Leo a good home with another piggy friend please call up to the sanctuary to fill out an application form!

Opening hours:
Tues-Sun 11am-3pm

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