Lupin has been successfully rehomed.

Lupin is a pretty little girl at just 9 months old. She has been vaccinated and spayed.

Lupin arrived last year with her sisters, but she decided she no longer wanted to live with them and has been living alone for a few months now. Lupin is very friendly and affectionate once you get to know her. She isn’t terribly outgoing so some time will need to be spent gaining her trust. As she is half wild (father was a wildie) she is much more intelligent and forward thinking. She will need a large, interesting area to live in.

Lupin hasn’t had a lot of luck in finding a friend, she hasn’t liked the last two male rabbits we tried her with- they were just too forward. Lupin needs a very calm, neutered male. Recently neutered males will not be considered as Lupin does not like to be ‘harrassed’. She needs a friend who is calm, aloof and someone who won’t chase her around.

No young children, Lupin finds loud noises very unsettling.

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