It is with heavy hearts and tears of sorrow that we have to report that Misty has passed away. Misty will be sadly missed by all the staff and volunteers.  You can read Misty’s story below.

Misty was an extremely lovable 15 year old female.  She came to live at Assisi in April 2011 because her owner could no longer care for her.  Misty was diagnosed with secondary tumours a few weeks later and further tests showed that the cancer had originated on her Liver.  Treatment was not an option so with a guarded prognosis we decided to make her as comfortable as possible for the time she had left, thought to be as little as a few months but difficult to be sure.

Misty lived in the cottage and would have been a regular visitor into Reception.   She remained in remarkably good health and was spoilt with chicken – which she loved!   She was on steroids and pain relief  but was very comfortable and went out for a walk around the sanctuary every morning before the dogs came out of their kennels and again in the evening (and sometimes she sneaked out during the day which caused a panic!).  Misty had a beautiful kind nature and throughout her illness, she was never nasty with anyone who was looking after her.

Misty was adored by all at Assisi and it was a pleasure to look after her for the almost four years she was with us.


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