Muffin & Teddy

Muffin and Teddy are a cute pair of rabbits!

Muffin is around 2 years old and has been spayed and vaccinated. When she first arrived she was very aggressive and unpredictable, but once she was spayed we found out she had polycystic ovaries so would have been in pain and her hormones would have been all over the place. Since spaying Muffin calmed down almost instantly, she is now a friendly, happy rabbit who is gradually coming round to the idea of cuddles.

Teddy is around 4 years old and has been castrated and vaccinated. He is very friendly and cuddly, just like a big teddy bear! Teddy does have a neurological problem which causes his body to shake when he is nervous or excited. Sometimes he can get so shaky he has trouble moving, but once he calms down it stops. Teddy doesn’t let this bother him at all and he gets on with being a bunny! This is a problem that will never go away, but should hopefully not affect his life too much.

Teddy and Muffin are looking for an experienced home. They would make good house rabbits but would be equally happy to live outside. No children under 10 years.

Muffin & Teddy have been re-homed. We want to wish them all the best in their new, loving, home!

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