Message from Nala: ”Hi there, my name is Nala and I came from Assisi on 7th Jan 2010 to my
new home in Ballykelly. I was known as Twinkle when I was there but my
new mum and dad changed my name. I am having a great time at my home
where I live with my mum, dad and big sister, Bobbi. I get to sleep in

the room with my mum and dad which is great, I have my own bed of
course! I go on short walks most days and have a big garden to play
ball in. There are also 3 pet sheep that live with us, Sophie, Fluff
and Gabriel. Gabriel’s my favourite and often lets me sniff his ears,
I’ve included a photo of him! I also have 2 dog friends that let me
play with them sometimes. They live next door and one of them is a
black lab, just like me! I hope my five brothers and sisters are

getting on well. Maybe at one of your open days I might get to meet
them all again. Well, I’m off to play now. I just want to finally say
how greatful I am to everyone at Assisi for saving my life. Without
Assisi who knows where I would be today. Thank you.

Lots of love, Nala. xoxoxox”nala2

We are extremely pleased that Nala has settled in so well!


Gabriel, my own pet sheep...


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