Nina and Clara

Nina and Clara are now rehomed

Nina and Clara are two new piggies here at the sanctuary. They are both females and just under 1 year old. They are both quite nervous as they have not been handled very much, though in the few days they have been here at the sanctuary they have started to come round brilliantly! Nina is a Black, White and Cream Long Haired piggy, and Clara is a Ginger and Brown piggy! They are both long haired, this means they will require regular grooming, baths and brushing, to make sure their fur doesn’t get matted and dirty. They seem to absolutely love their food, especially their veggies!

Both piggies are looking for a reasonably experienced owner, confident with handling to be able to groom them. They do need to gain their confidence, and with the help of an owner like this, we are sure they will be two confident piggies in no time!!

If you feel you could offer these two beautiful girls a home like this, please call up to the sanctuary and fill out an application form!

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