Oscar and George

Oscar and George have been successfully rehomed.

Oscar and George are father and son. They get on really well and seem to enjoy doing ‘father and son things’ like sharing a carrot and chewing a cardboard box together.

Oscar is just  over a year old and has  been castrated. George is around 7 months old and will be castrated in the new year. This is to avoid hormonal aggression issues that could arise if he is left uncastrated.

Oscar is very friendly and is quite confident in comparison to his sons. He is still a bit difficult to catch, but doesn’t run quite as fast a George!

George is a cheeky chappy with A LOT to say! He never sits still and will always talk back to you. George isn’t terribly keen on being liften up and cuddled, he is happy to have a quick snuggle and a kiss on the nose, but when he gets bored he will nip at you.

These two boys would be best suited to an experienced home with older children.

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