Peep is now rehomed

Peep is approximately 8 months old, neutered and up to date with vaccinations. He is a longed haired bun, and as a result will need a reasonably experienced owner to groom him regularly to keep on top of tatts and matts which would make him uncomfortable!! Peep came in with 6 other buns found in a box, but unfortunately somewhere within the group an argument was had only a few days of staying at the sanctuary. This resulted in Peep having to get his nose stitched and he then had to be separated from the group to promote the healing of his nose (and so no more fights were had). Peep is a friendly bun who does enjoy company, so he is looking for the right bun companion to live with in a nice spacious home! Peep could live inside or outside as long as his coat is maintained (especially if outside). He is quite a confident bun and would settle well in the right home. If you feel you could offer Peep a home like this please call up to the sanctuary and fill out an application form!!

Opening Hours for re-homing:
11am -3pm Tues-Sun

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