Pippin and Smudge

**Pippin and Smudge have been rehomed**

Meet Pippin and Smudge! Two neutered male mini lops full of fun and mischief! Pippin is the white bun whilst Smudge is the white and ginger bun! These two do enjoy each others company, but if stressed can argue until they are settled in a new atmosphere. These two love to investigate, and if a door is left slightly ajar you may expect them to go through it and explore!!! Both buns love a good head rub, and will snooze on your shoulder whilst you do so! Pippin and Smudge adore their food, especially tasty greens, such as spinach or kale! Pippin and Smudge could love indoor or outdoors, with plenty of spare to satisfy their nosey natures!! If you feel you could give these two buns a loving home with lots of food and attention, please call up to the sanctuary, fill out an application form and speak to the rabbit staff!


Re-homing Hours:
11am-3pm Tues-Sun

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