Poppy & Lewis

Poppy & Lewis are now rehomed

Louis is a Brown/Brindle large Lop at approximately 5 years old Poppy is a large Grey French Lop at approximately 3 years old. They enjoy eating together and grooming each other.

As they are large rabbits, a good amount of space will be needed for them to be able to hop and run about! Preferably these two would have an indoor home or a shed for themselves.

Poppy is on long term medication, which Assisi will pay for.
Both are not entirely fussed with being picked up, however once picked up, they will both fall asleep on you receiving head rubs, so would be great cuddle buddies whilst watching tv.. .

If you feel you could offer these two a comfortable happy home, please call up to the sanctuary and fill out an application form!
Re-homing Hours : Tues-Sun 11am-3pm

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