Ringo and Phoebe

Meet Ringo and Phoebe. Ringo was adopted in Christmas 2008 at 12 weeks old and was one of four little black male kittens. No need to guess what the rest of them were named! He settled in very quickly and quickly became a mummy’s boy. It wasn’t long before he appropriated my fluffy dressing gown all for himself to cuddle and snooze in! He enjoys nothing more than being picked up and cuddled.

When we adopted Ringo, we had another cat called Kiki who we adopted from Assisi in April 2008 (she was known as Puddy at Assisi). She was an independent girl who loved her strokes and snoozing in the sun. Unfortunately she passed away in July 2009 from a brain tumour which came on very quickly. We may have only had a short time with her but I’m glad we were able to give her a good home for the last year of her life.

When Kiki passed away we decided to adopt another kitten straightaway as Ringo was not used to being on his own. This kitten is Phoebe (she was renamed from Tabitha). Phoebe was 12 weeks old when we adopted her and she and Ringo hit it off straightaway and they are good friends. She is more of a home bird than Ringo preferring to stay in rather than explore the garden (with the exception of the odd venture to see if she can get away with stalking our chickens) and loves nothing more than stealing a warm seat on the sofa when you get up to leave the room!

Keep up the good work Assisi.



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