Roman – foster home required

Roman has been successfully rehomed.

Poor Roman has a tear in his cruciate ligament and desperately needs a foster home where he can rest his leg in the hope that it won’t require surgery.

Roman is currently on kennel rest and is finding this incredibly stressful. He needs someone who will be at home most of the day as he loves company. He will lie beside you all day, he just loves being cuddled and fussed over!

Currently Roman can only have short walks on lead, he isn’t allowed to run around or jump up. He also cannot be allowed to go up and down stairs when in a home.

Roman may potentially require surgery to repair his cruciate ligament if it does not repair itself. Recovery is lengthy and he would require strict rest and daily physiotherapy.

We are looking for someone to foster Roman for at least the next few weeks until we are able to determine whether or not he will require surgery. If surgery is required we would like him to remain in his foster home for at least 8 weeks post op to give his leg the best chance of healing well.

Roman is a wonderful dog, he loves being around people and will settle quickly into a home. If you think you could offer Roman the care he needs over the coming months please give us a call on 028 9181 2622.

Assisi will cover the cost of his treatment and can also provide his food. All we ask is that you are local, are able to attend all of his veterinary appointments and that you are at home with him as much as possible.

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