Ruby in her new home

I have attached pictures of Ruby (known as Cherry at Assisi) who we got on 14 /02/11.  She lives with my husband and myself and her sister/best friend Smoky and two cats Hoby and Freddy who all get on brilliantly.  Smoky joined us a few weeks after Ruby and the two of them grew up together.

Ruby loves swimming, chasing sticks and her ball which she even sleeps with, Smoky loves following Ruby around like a wee sister. Both dogs have been assessed with and do visits to with me for Pets and Therapy which they love. Ruby loves the forest and the beach and loves you to throw things for her to fetch, she will remind you if you are not paying attention with a paw or bark. She is a very happy energetic dog and people are always saying how much she wags her tail, her whole body moves!

We are very lucky to have her.    Thanks


Ruby 2  Ruby 3  Ruby 1

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