Reuben has been rehomed.


This very handsome boy is Reuben. Reuben is approximately 4-5 yrs old and he is a lab X.

Reuben is seeking a very special home as he has a malabsorption condition which means he can only be fed a vet prescribed diet as normal dog food or even human food could make him very, very sick.

Reuben is an affectionate boy who loves company and he is very intelligent as he can open doors and cupboards!! It’s very important that extra care must be taken so he cannot access any food as he is a bit of a chancer and would try to get hold of a sneaky treat!

Reuben would be best suited to a home with no children or possibly teenage children (due to his strict diet) and no cats.

Assisi will provide his special food and cover the cost of any medical treatment in relation to his malabsorption condition.

We know there is someone out there with a big heart who can love Reuben like we do and in return he will give you plenty of cuddles.

If you feel you could offer Reuben a loving home please give us a call on 02891 812622.

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