Sabine & Porthos

*Sabine & Porthos have been adopted*

Sabine and Porthos are a stunning pair of rabbits who came to us after being abandoned in a pet carrier. Sabine is around 2 1/2 years old and Porthos is around 1 1/2 years old. They have both been neutered.

They are a beautiful pair of rabbits who are very friendly and loving. Sabine is the outgoing one of the pair, she is always first over to say hello and to see if you have any treats.

Porthos is quite shy to start with but once he gets to know you he is very friendly and will happily come over for treats.

Sabine and Porthos are looking for a loving home together. They would love to have a large shed and run to live in. They would also make good house rabbits, but definitely need access to outside for a good run around and graze on the grass.

They will be fine with children around 8 years+ as they are very gentle and easy going.

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