Sapphire is now rehomed

😻Hi, my name is Sapphire 💍

I had been wandering the streets in stormy weather and showed up at a lovely elderly lady’s door. She was very kind, brought me in and fed me and let me sleep in her nice warm bed until Assisi were able to bring me in to help me find a permanent home.🏠

Although I am only 1 and a half years old, I would like a nice quiet home as this is all I have known and feel comfortable with. I do love to play and I prefer to stay indoors although I would like a nice safe garden to explore for short periods. I absolutely love to have company and would love nothing more than to snuggle up to someone on the sofa. 💕
If you have no children, no other pets, and feel that you could offer me a safe and quiet home then please come up to the sanctuary and fill in an application. The humans who look after me will discuss what to do next. We are open from 11am-3pm Tuesday-Sunday.

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