Sketch is now rehomed

Meet Sketch. Sketch was paired with a girl bun, whom unfortunately passed away due to illness. Sketch has now been on his own a month now, and has adjusted to not having his partner with him. We would love to get Sketch another bun partner, as we can see he is missing the company. Sketch is a 2 year old neutered male, who requires a small amount of medication AM and PM due to a condition known as Megacolon. Other than making sure Sketch gets his medication, watching what he eats, and keeping an eye on any potential discomfort, the condition can be easily managed with him. Sketch loves his pellets and leafy greens! He likes to investigate new toys as well, though his interest has slightly deteriorated from losing his partner. Sketch would preferably live indoors or have an outdoor shed, both with access to a garden area when good weather arrives, as he loves the space. If you feel you could offer Sketch a home with a bun partner, please call up to the sanctuary, speak to the rabbit staff and fill our an application form!

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