snoweySnowey is a 4 year old terrier.  He is a very handsome boy but is not coping well with kennel life and is quite stressed. He competes for affection and this makes it difficult for him to be part of a group.   We are continuing to work with him and hopefully he will calm down sufficiently to allow him to be rehomed.   In the meantime, he is available for sponsoring.

Snowey has now found companionship with Maisie. They spend the day together in their run outside. Snowey is getting on very well with Maisie and we see this as a huge leap forward for 058Snowey’s behaviour. We are very pleased with his progress so far.

Latest good news is that Snowey has been rehomed.  He has settled really well with his new owners.   We are all delighted and wish them well.


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