Spike & Dandy

Dandy & Spike have been successfully rehomed.
Dandy and Spike are a lovely pair of rabbits looking for a loving home together.
Dandy is a pretty little lionhead who came to us as a stray. She is approximately 8 months old and has been spayed.
Spike is a handsome boy with a cute little bow tie on his chest! He is 3 years old and was originally born here at Assisi. Spike has been neutered.
Dandy is cheeky and outgoing, she loves to explore new places and zoom around on the grass! She also loves to dig, her favourite spot currently is a plant pot filled with soil.
Spike is a bit more shy and reserved in comparison to Dandy, but is starting to come out of his shell! Spike is very easy to handle and enjoys the odd cuddle. He loves raisins and will always hop over to say hello and steal an extra raisin.
Spike and Dandy must be adopted together. They will need a large outdoor space so they can run about and have fun. They would be best suited to a family with children 8 years+ as Spike can be easily upset by too much noise and fuss.

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