Ted is now rehomed

Ted is a little bun with a big personality! He is an 8 month old Grey lop who is currently single and looking for a partner. He was paired with his brother, but unfortunately they had a falling out. As a result a female would be suggested for Teds companion. He appears quite shy, but can actually be quite boisterous once he is settled and you get to know him! He needs a little more work to be completely comfortable with being handled, but this can be achieved. Ted could live indoors or outdoors as long as there is plenty of space to exercise!! He loves his food, and can’t get enough of sweeties!! Ted is neutered and has all his vaccinations up to date. A reasonably quiet home is suggested for Ted as he is not so fond of loud noises, and can be easily scared. Hopefully some bun out there would like to have Ted as their companion! If you think Ted is the bun for your bun and you would like to adopt, please call up to the sanctuary, speak to the Rabbit Staff and fill out an application form!

Opening Hours for Re-homing:
11am – 3pm Tues – Sun

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