The Loughgall 7!

In August we were contacted by a couple from Loughgall who were interested in giving a group of ‘difficult’ rabbits a loving home in their orchard. This was a fabulous opportunity to get some of our hardest to rehome out to a loving and most importantly the forever home they all deserved!

The initial group were Bobby & Rose, Lucia & Smudge and Bluebell, Sasha & Vincent. Mr & Mrs Faulkner came down to visit their new additions and were thrilled with them. Then, very sadly due to illness and a huge falling out between  Bluebell, Sasha and Vincent they were no longer suitable to go, so Mack, Annabell and Pixie were the lucky ones who took their places! Now came the hard work, we had to introduce Lucia & Smudge to Annabell, Pixie & Mack, as these five would be living together in one part of the Orchard, with Bobby & Rose in their own separate area. Bobby does not like other male rabbits so we could not have mixed the whole group.

At the beginning introductions were a little shaky, with a lot of fur flying and a few superficial wounds, including Lucia getting her ear bitten! With a few more supervised introductions they began to settle, there was still the odd scuffle but everyone kept their distance as much as possible.

Delivery Day, Tuesday 27th September! We delivered the 7 just after lunchtime, slowly but surely they emerged from their boxes into the orchard. Smudge was the first one away to investigate. He carried out a thorough perimeter patrol and dug a few test holes to check how far the fencing went down into the ground. Mack wasn’t too far behind and he too went and carried out a perimeter patrol and then settled himself in the thick grass for a snooze! Annabell and Pixie weren’t too sure and stuck together exploring the ‘basecamp’ area where the kennels are. Lucia was the last to emerge and was very unsure of her new surroundings. Bobby and Rose came straight out of their box and hopped around as if they had been there all their lives! Bobby patrolled the dividing fence to ensure none of his new neighbours tried to come into his area while Rose hopped around investigating all the space she had!

Gillian and John are delighted with their new additions and have reported back that they are all doing very well. The 5 are slowly coming together as a group and Bobby and Rose are thoroughly enjoying having so much freedom and space!

This kind of set up is ideal for rabbits, not only for large groups but also for pairs. We would love to have more homes like this for our Assisi rabbits! If you have a patch of land or garden that isn’t doing anything then why not consider adopting some rabbits? Providing they have adequate shelter they can live outside all year round and make fantastic companions! Please email if you would like more information about adopting Assisi rabbits.

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