TJ is now rehomed

I am a rambunctious character and am the sanctuary’s resident bad boy (ladies love a bad boy, right?)

I am an independent 2 year old boy who loves to get up to all sorts of shenanigans although, despite being independent and having a bad-boy swagger, I can be very sweet and loving but only on my terms though and if you have food!

I need a home with an experienced cat owner as I am a little bit confused with my body language sometimes! Also, if the petting and playing is not up to my standards I may give a little nip to remind you who the boss is.

I am both a despot and a dictator: I like things to be of a high standard, like my moustache.

I need to be rehomed as the only pet in the household as I can be bold with other cats, I do not like dogs and I could only be rehomed with teenage children.  I need a home with access outside.

I will make the right person an exceptional feline companion for life, because when I gives my heart it will be absolutely and fully given.

If you think you could tend to my needs like a well behaved slave then call up to the sanctuary and meet me.

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