Treacle and Tumble

 Treacle and Tumble have now gone home!

Treacle and Tumble are two large lion-head rabbits. They are almost 3 years old and have been neutered/spayed and vaccinated.

Treacle is the bold, cheeky one of the pair, she is usually first over to investigate, or to try and escape! Tumble is a little more shy and reserved but is very friendly once he gets to know you.

Both Treacle and Tumble are very easy to handle and once they settle in they are friendly and outgoing. They were both overweight when they arrived at the sanctuary but have since lost weight and are nearly back to their slim selves!! These buns would happily live indoors or outdoors in a shed/large hutch, as long as there is plenty of space for them to run around and continue loosing some of their podge!!!

If you feel you could offer these two buns a loving spacious home, please call up to the sanctuary and fill out an application form.

Opening Hours:
Tues-Sun 11am-3pm


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